Solo Gig Secrets; How to Get Paid What You’re Worth and More, Without Dealing With Cheating Venue Owners and Lousy Performance Conditions

Donna Admin · October 23, 2019

Picture this…

You’re in charge, and don’t have to answer to a bandleader who doesn’t care about what you want.

You control your set list, and are playing the songs you love and may never have had a chance to perform live.

You control the gigs you take, so you can truly enjoy yourself instead of feeling like your time is wasted playing in conditions that don’t make you happy.

And most importantly…

You’re finally getting paid what you’re worth, after all those years of learning your instrument and hours & hours learning hundreds of songs.

In other words, YOU control how much you get paid, so you don’t feel short-changed and like you practically played for free!

Wouldn’t it be really cool if…

…you were able to perform songs you NEVER get the chance to play because they don’t match the styles of the groups you belong to?

Or how about being able to play melodies instead of horn hits or bass lines or comping?

Maybe you’ve always been in the background in bands, and want to be “the star”…

…so you can get the attention of the audience that you were never able to get before.

And if you have your OWN music and your band doesn’t want to perform them?

With this type of gig, you can get your music out there to NEW audiences and build your own following.

What Kinds of Gigs Allow You to Do All of This?

Solo Gigs!

When you play a Solo Gig for an event, you are the “star”…

… you get to play melodies (and more if you choose!)

…you can choose the level of interaction with your audience

…you can sell merchandise, such as your own CD’s, T-shirts, caps and more

Solo Gigs are the way to not only become your own Boss, but also achieve that musical fulfillment you’ve been seeking since you picked up your instrument for the first time.

But, there’s one Burning Question you may have…

Do Solo Gigs actually pay?

Many musicians can double their yearly gig income in as little as a few months taking this one type of gig.

I know because I’ve been doing these performances for 10 years now.

And the income I get from Solo Gigs blows away (no pun intended!) my gigs being in bands.

My first solo gig paid me more in one hour than I would normally get in 4 hours with a popular cover band.

After that show, I was sold!

Now, a majority of my gig income is from solo gigs.

And what was really interesting was that during the Pandemic, my stream of Solo Gigs increased!

You would think that these performances would have slowed down like all the other gigs, but they didn’t.

The reason is that people were starving for live music AND they knew that musicians were suffering because everything closed down.

So they had private house parties and I performed outside, far enough away from everyone to not worry about getting infected or infecting others.

And those gigs paid even more than pre-pandemic rates for the same reasons!

So now you probably want in on playing Solo Gigs, right?

There’s some mistakes you want to avoid…

Avoid These 3 Mistakes

The 1st Big Mistake is thinking that the audience wants a full band or at least more than 1 person.

Your peers may have told you that Solo players just don’t sound full enough…

… they don’t sound like a real band and the backing music sounds fake

… solo musicians will never be as exciting as having a group perform.

All Not true!

You just need the right equipment, the right tracks and the right mindset for performing!

And Performing is a skill that will get better and better as you keep doing it for more and more audiences.

Plus, you choose which gigs you want to book, and which types of audiences you want to perform for.

The 2nd Big Mistake that most musicians make when they consider solo gigs is:

That you have to have been playing gigs for years and years before trying to go out solo.

That you need some kind of “special connection” to get these gigs.

That’s also Not True!

One of the first Solo Gigs I performed came from someone hearing me play in a cover band.

They were having a private party and wanted me to play some jazz standards for both background dinner music and more upbeat songs for dancing.

Now, I get new and plenty of repeat clients, and play all types of gigs like, private parties, corporate events, weddings, cocktail hours, funerals and more!

As you can see, there are so many opportunities out there to find these gigs and to create your own.

But they’re not listed in places you would normally think.

And these opportunities are sometimes not the same ones that cover bands perform at.

You need a trusted mentor to let you know where to look and how to present yourself to get these gigs.

Are you making this mistake?

The 3rd Big Mistake that most musicians make when they consider solo gigs is that they think there is some special “skill” or level of mastery that’s needed to play these shows.

Yes, you need to first Sound Good – meaning, have a really pleasing tone so your audience enjoys listening to you.

And Yes, it’s important to know the songs you will play well enough so that your audience can appreciate them.

Of course, the more skilled you are, the better response…

…but you do not have to have the skill of Chad Lefkowicz Brown, Grace Kelly or Kirk Whalum to play Solo Gigs.

Here’s 1 more myth…

Most musicians believe they need to be a master improviser in order to perform Solo Gigs.

That is NOT always the case!

Certain styles of music do require improvisation, like Blues, Jazz Standards and some Smooth Jazz.

But other styles, like Rock and Pop, Country, and some Gospel do not.

The most important element is that the audience can recognize and even sing along with the melody.

When you’ve been in cover bands for a while, and don’t normally get the chance to play melodies, this can be a wonderful way to add another skill set to your playing.

Why not just keep doing what you’ve been doing?


You can follow everyone else’s “advice” and continue to play gigs that:

  • don’t pay more than $50 a person (and it cost you that much in gas to get there)
  • are 4 hours long, lasting into the wee hours of the night where you are completely exhausted (and still have to drive home)
  • take up your ENTIRE day because you have to account for traveling to the gig (plus traffic!), setting up (can take up to an hour), breaking down (another hour), driving home (trying to stay awake after a long gig)
  • wind up equalling pay that is less than minimum wage.

You may be thinking, “There has to be a better way where I can finally get paid for all the hard work and years & years of practicing .”  

There is, but you may be asking….

How do I get these Solo Gigs?

Where do I start when it comes to looking for them and booking them?


Solo Gig Secrets; How to Get Paid What You’re Worth and More, Without Dealing With Cheating Venue Owners and Lousy Performance Conditions

Here’s what you get:

  • What you MUST do before you even start searching for these gigs
  • The pro mindset you must have before you attempt to book gigs
  • Where to find pro-sounding backing tracks 
  • Finding the best places to book gigs
  • What to do AT the gig to ensure you get hired back
  • How to get winning testimonials
  • Pre-recorded video lessons you can watch at any time
  • Lifetime access

Plus These Bonuses! 

  • My Personal Set-up (recently updated) $299 Value)
  • The Secret to Always Getting Paid ($999 Value)
  • Pro Tips for Marketing Yourself So You Stand Out ($999 Value)

If you’ve ever wanted to play solo gigs with backing tracks, and had no idea where to start, OR want tips & strategies to book more of these lucrative gigs, this is the course for you!

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