Saxophonist’s Guide to Finding the Right Strength Reed

Finally get closer to finding the right strength saxophone reed!

Donna Admin · October 23, 2019

Tired of wasting money and time experimenting with all different strengths of saxophone reeds?

Struggle no more!

The Saxophonist’s Guide to Finding the Right Strength Reed is your solution.

Video lessons on the parts of the reed, cane vs. synthetic, reed myths debunked, recommendations for beginner saxophone players, and a proven system for finding the right strength reed will get you closer to finding your ideal strength.

Plus you get a Special Bonus: My All-Inclusive Reed Strength chart, available in pdf form OR as an interactive document that continually gets updated as new reed brands emerge year after year. 

This course is designed to get you clarity quickly, so that you can stop wasting time and start enjoying playing your saxophone.

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