Memorizing Jazz Tunes; The 5-step system for learning tunes with success

Donna Admin · November 18, 2020

Discover my 5-step system for learning tunes so that you can retain what you worked on.

We use a Jazz Standard, Afternoon in Paris, as the example song to learn with this 5-step system.

Here’s what you get:

  • How to find good recordings
  • How to internalize the melody and the bass line so you don’t forget them
  • How to figure out the form
  • A system for understanding the chords & navigating the changes
  • Pdf’s of the melody for C, Bb and Eb Instruments
  • Backing tracks in 3 different tempos, so that you can practice slowly at first and build up the speed when you are ready
  • Pre-recorded video lessons you can watch at any time

Bonus! How to use Voice-Leading to Improvise Over a Popular Jazz Standard

If you’ve tried to memorize tunes before but fell flat on your face during a performance, you need to get this course!

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