Keep Time Like a Pro

Donna Admin · October 16, 2022

Do people ever complain to you about your sense of timing?

Does this sound familiar…

How many times have you found yourself playing a solo, thinking you’re done,  and realizing that your solo was supposed to end 4 bars earlier?

Or, you’ve ended your solo early and have to come up with something really quick to finish out your solo?

This is not uncommon, and it’s NOT your fault!

You see, we have been trained to rely so heavily on a metronome to keep our timing.

Then, when we play in a group setting, we get totally lost.

Especially if it’s Jazz, because the drums are not always keeping the beat.

You may be thinking…

How can I improve my timing?

Traditional ways of teaching rhythm, where you’re reading sheet music and stomping your foot to a beat from the band director, or counting numbers out loud, mistakenly thinking that will help you play rhythms correctly, just don’t work.

And the reason why they don’t work is because we FEEL Rhythms, not read them.

We’ve essentially been taught to shut our ears off and logically try to figure out how to play rhythms in our songs.

But the greatest musicians never learned to create amazing solos that way.

And they did NOT have an innate ability that only a select few souls on the earth possess.

They discovered how to feel rhythms, so they could express their own ideas in their solos.

If you want to:

  • Discover the Biggest Mistakes people make when trying to improve their sense of timing
  • See why the metronome is NOT the best tool for keeping a steady beat
  • Finally get control over playing rhythms correctly so you can keep good timing with your group or a recording 
  • Discover which instruments to focus on so you can find the beat (hint…it’s not what you think!)
  • Know when the chords change instead of haphazardly guessing
  • Organize the music in your head so you can understand it better to remember it
  • Get the real Secret to playing “in the pocket”

You need to enroll in my course…

Keep Time Like a Pro 

Where you will discover all of this and more!

Keep Time Like a Pro goes deep into the real reasons why most people get flustered playing solos and trying to keep up with the band.

There are simple, quick exercises that will instantly build your sense of timing and awareness of rhythm.

Playing in time will build your confidence AND allow you to be more creative with your rhythms, instead of playing endless 8th notes that ramble on and on. 

Having great timing frees up your thinking so you can be more creative with your note choices too!

And the value of playing in time with your peers is Priceless!


Is this JUST for Saxophone Players?  

No!  This is for all melodic instrumentalists (no drums or percussion) who want to bring their improvisation skills to the next level. 

Pdf’s are in C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef.  

Backing tracks are for all instruments.  

**Please note, while I have had many guitarists and bassists take my courses, the pdf’s do not have Tabs.

How long do I have access to the course?  

You get Lifetime Access, so if you are not ready to start the course now, that’s okay!  

Is there a guarantee? 

Yes, there is a 30-day conditional guarantee.

We are committed to ensure quality content and training for all of our courses.

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