Jazz Patterns 201; Boost your vocabulary, build your ears, and make smoother, more emotional lines

For the intermediate/advanced improviser who wants to bring their jazz improvisation to the next level, with jazz licks that add tension and release.

Donna Admin · October 22, 2019

In this course, you will discover:

  • How to connect the chords so that you can create more professional lines
  • Use this 1 strategy to create more emotional lines that don’t sound like an exercise
  • Boost your vocabulary by hearing and playing lines that connect the chords in an authentic way
  • Build your ears by playing the patterns in all 12 keys with backing tracks in different tempos.

And you get these Bonuses:

Three Charlie Parker Licks You Must Know

Deconstructing the Blues – play along with 2 Blues choruses and get a video lesson with an analysis of how the lines were constructed

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