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An Exclusive Group Coaching Program for those musicians wanting to go deeper into improvising over Jazz, Rock, Blues and other styles.

Membership is via Application Only.

Imagine a Community that:

  • Helps you create melodic solos that are interesting and exciting to you and your audience so that you can feel more confident playing challenging songs
  • Trains members on how to learn chords and scales well enough so that they can get past playing the same things all the time and stop being bored and frustrated with what’s coming out of their instrument. 
  • Builds your sense of timing, through simple and quick exercises you can do at any time, so you don’t get lost in the song and so you can play more rhythmically
  • Gives you a Proven, reliable 3-step system to learn tunes or solos so you can develop your OWN voice for improvising music
  • Gives guidance and exercises on building your tone, ears and your technique, so you can play what you hear in your head, meaning that you won’t need to rely on licks or “bags of tricks”
  • Shows you how to develop your own vocabulary using the technique you have right now
  • Gives you a “Behind the Scenes” look at focused practice routines that get results, gig preparation tips and other music performance topics 
  • We focus on giving you personalized attention and guidance to move you forward, so you can implement and also collaborate with other group members
  • Plus, there will be Guest Speakers on a variety of topics of interest to this Elite group
  • Twice a week Zoom meetings to answer all your burning questions and share your progress
  • And we have lots of fun on our calls!

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