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An Exclusive Group Coaching Program for those musicians wanting to go deeper into improvising over Jazz, Rock, Blues and other styles.

  • Get support & guidance with using my Proven 3-step System for creating melodic solos so that you can confidently perform in any situation.
  • Tips and strategies for Building Your Own Vocabulary so that you sound authentic to the style of music you want to perform.
  • Practice Routines based upon the level you are at so that you know what and how to practice. 
  • Your input into the monthly training topics so that you know you will get your burning questions answered. 
  • Monthly training based upon solving a specific challenge when it comes to creating melodic solos. These will be recorded so you can watch at any time. 
  • Ear training exercises to build your ability to play what you hear in your head and have more freedom when soloing.


1.  Personalized Assessment and a Game Plan as soon as you join the program, so that you can make faster progress with your goals.($300)

2. Once-a-month Hot Seat Opportunities where you get personalized guidance from me to help you make further progress with improvisation and performance ($1800)

3. Access to a Private Community Group so that you get to meet new friends all over the world, get regular support over an extended period of time, the ability to share your progress in a safe and supportive environment. ($3600)

4. Once-a-quarter “Look Over My Shoulder” as I practice & see my personal practice routines to develop your tone, technique and learning music. ($1000)

5. Monthly Office Hours to answer your burning questions about creating melodic solos for your style of music. Even if you sometimes can’t make these sessions, everything is recorded and I encourage everyone to send in their questions beforehand so I can answer all of them. ($3600)

6. Bonus Lessons that address specific challenges and provide new ways of approaching improvisation to help you create melodic solos ($1000)

7. Access to prior Monthly Q&A sessions, where we covered a range of topics ($1200) – this value will keep going up


Access to all of my Current & Future courses to provide you with even more resources to get answers to your burning questions ($11,000 right now – this will only go up!)

A Total of Over $23,000 in Bonuses When You Enroll!

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