Improvisation Made Easy 101; Best Way to Get Started With Creating Melodic Solos

Donna Admin · November 10, 2022

If you are looking for a system to help you finally START TO IMPROVISE over your favorite songs.

Or you want to finally STOP GETTING LOST and actually know where you are in the form.  

Maybe you’re just starting out and DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN, and are using Pentatonic scales over every song.

Or wanting to create melodic solos where people can actually RECOGNIZE THE MELODY of the song.

Maybe you’re sick and TIRED OF PLAYING THE SAME STUFF all the time, and want to start creating solos that get your audience’s attention.

My Brand New course will give you that foundation to create melodic solos that you and your audience will enjoy.


Improvisation Made Easy 101; Best Way to Get Started Creating Melodic Solos

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How to INTERNALIZE MUSIC so you can remember songs instead of worrying about forgetting them when it counts
  • How to PLAY RHYTHMICALLY & improve your timing, so that you can create a variety of rhythms in your solos
  • Discover my SYSTEM FOR BEGINNER IMPROVISERS, to help you improvise over any melody in any genre
  • Say goodbye to wasted hours in the practice room when you Discover the Best Way to MAKE PROGRESS QUICKLY through these powerful mindset shifts.
  • Discover a few simple ways to improve your ear training so you can PLAY WHAT YOU HEAR IN YOUR HEAD
  • EXERCISES, TIPS, STRATEGIES! Have your Instrument Ready, because we will be going through exercises to move you forward with your improvisation.

PLUS These Bonuses, Worth Almost $1300!

  • HOW TO NOT GET LOST WHEN IMPROVISING; Always know where you are in the form with these bonus lessons
  • 3 SIMPLE LICKS EVERYONE USES IN THEIR SOLOS; These licks are GOLD in all styles of music.
  • BEST WAY TO IMPROVISE OVER CHORDS WITH FREEDOM; Find out how to learn and OWN your chords so you won’t ever forget them again through this fun exercise, plus more lessons to understanding the chords you need to know for your songs. 

Get the best foundation to learning how to improvise today!

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