How to Construct Licks Live Workshop June 2022

Donna Admin · June 27, 2022

In the Replay from this Exclusive Live Workshop, you’ll discover how to create your own licks/patterns/ideas so that you can create melodic solos that sound authentic to your own voice.

We covered:

  • the 5 common improvisation mistakes that hold people back from creating melodic solos
  • how to play with confidence when you perform in front of others
  • the steps you need to take if you don’t even know where to start with improvisation
  • how to create 10 years worth of material
  • how to “get off the page” and build your ears so you can play what you hear in your head
  • how to build your technique so you have more ideas to draw from

Bonuses worth over $199 include:

  • backing tracks and pdf’s of all the concepts covered in this workshop
  • backing tracks and pdf’s of the Concert Bb Basic and Jazz Blues progressions
  • backing track of the 2-5-1 progression in Concert Bb, over a Funk groove
  • searchable transcript from the Live Workshop Lesson, so you can immediately go to a spot from the session to get clarification

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