10 Iconic Blues Licks to Boost Your Blues Improvisation

Donna Admin · August 28, 2020

In this course, you will get access to the best vocabulary from the 5 choruses of saxophone solos from the iconic song, Honky Tonk.

The vocabulary in this course is taken from the Jimmy Smith Primetime CD version of the tune, and features the soloists, Herman Riley, Rickey Woodard and Curtis Peagler.

There are 10 powerful licks, transcribed in all 12 keys for C Instruments, Alto & Bari Sax, Tenor & Soprano Sax, Trumpet, and Bass Clef.

Plus you get an audio demo of all the licks in Concert F, the original key, in 2 tempos:

105 bpm – the original tempo, and

80 bpm, a slower tempo to work out the licks by ear or just for technique building

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