55 Lessons

Ultimate Jazz Improvisation Bundle

In this Ultimate Bundle, musicians will discover the right way to use Pentatonic scales, learn Blues & Rock licks that are classic vocabulary for those genres, get iconic Blues licks from the song, Honky Tonk that can be applied to Blues, Rick, Jazz & Funk, find out how to work on standards and classic tunes like The Way You Look Tonight, Little Sunflower, Back at the Chicken Shack, Billie's Bounce, All of Me, All the Things You Are, plus my Bonus on How to Not Get Lost When Improvising and more.

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39 Lessons

Ultimate Saxophone Improv & Performance Bundle

In this Ultimate Bundle, saxophone players will have access to lessons that cover the essentials of embouchure, choosing equipment, tuning properly, finding out the right strength reed, up to lessons that contain Blues & Rock licks, the right way to use Pentatonic scales, a system for learning & retaining famous Blues and Rock solos.

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16 Lessons

Solo Gig Secrets; How to Get Paid What You’re Worth and More, Without Dealing With Cheating Venue Owners and Lousy Performance Conditions

If you've ever wanted to play solo gigs with backing tracks, and had no idea where to start, this is the course for you! From finding the best backing tracks and sheet music to finding the most lucrative gigs, this course will cover all areas. You also get a peek into my personal set-up (and I will be updating this as I get better and more updated equipment)

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